Health IS Safety Workshops

We run a series of bespoke workshops specifically designed to educate and empower teams on personal health and wellness.

What to expect

Our primary focus is to provide education that will ultimately create lifestyle changes for your team. Changing the habits of a lifetime can be achieved through repetition and demonstration.

We will assess the health habits of the staff as a starting baseline. We then track and measure as we progress through the program ensuring consistency with outcomes.

Our primary focus? Concentration, clarity and focus in the workplace, achieved as follows:

  • Provide a series of interesting and informative workshops at the existing Health & Safety briefings.
  • Cover health topics specifically tailored to your industry and your staff.
  • We include a healthy breakfast for the team to enjoy - the purpose of which is to demonstrate how easily it can be done. For example including protein for breakfast helps to balance blood sugars/energy for the day.
  • Finally, and just as important are the weekly texts sent to staff with top tips and reminders from the latest workshop. This ensures that the learnings are integrated at home with friends and family.

"As an ex-machine operator, and now health expert, I fully grasp the importance of instilling health in the minds of each and every worker in our country."

— Tracey Steele N.D

"A driver who takes 1,000 more steps, smokes 10 less cigarettes or eats fewer calories per day will make great strides in the right direction." 

— Ali John, Manager Corporate Wellness, Global Transporter, Werner Enterprises

"Drivers who become more aware of personal health & take steps toward living a healthier lifestyle will improve their fitness, morale, productivity and attitude."

— Ali John, Manager Corporate Wellness, Global Transporter, Werner Enterprises.

"All great take-home tips, easy to use and pass on to the whanau”

— Client review

"I’ve learned that symptoms are the end result. Tracey's lectures have shown me that lifestyle creates symptoms. Getting the foundations of our body correct, eating, breathing, sleeping, etc. is fundamental to good health."

— Client Review

Nationwide workshops personalised to
your company’s current health status